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Medical Malpractice Law

We aggressively pursue claims of patients who are injured by negligent medical treatment (MALPRACTICE) caused by a physician, a hospital, a nurse or nursing home.

Possible Injuries

The following is a list of possible injuries resulting from medical malpractice or hospital negligence. Cancer Misdiagnosis Birth Injuries/Brain Damage Surgical Errors Anesthesia Negligence Cerebral Palsy Wrongful Death Falls/Paralysis Gynecological Injuries Children Injuries Ulcers The firm offers free consultation on all cases. Legal help is one call away at 202-291-7222.
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Commonly Asked Questions

Q:  What is Medical Malpractice? A:  Medical malpractice occurs when a doctor or a hospital facility fails to follow standard medical procedures and negligently harms a patient. Injuries can occur in a nursing home or in a private health facility. The injury may result in death or permanent loss. Q:  How do I start a medical malpractice claim? A:  A good first step in establishing a medical malpractice claim is to contact our office for a free office visit. We will schedule you for an interview and obtain relevant information about your claim. There is no legal fee unless we win your case.