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Divorce and Mediation

Our office encourages married partners to stick it out despite marital difficulties. To meet that objective, we will recommend a good marriage counselor at no fee. Occasionally, regardless of counseling, some marriages will not last. The Law Office of G. Arden Hill, in an effort to avoid costly and protracted litigation, will first attempt to settle all divorce issues. Custody of minor children, visitation and support; alimony, division of real and personal property, pension and taxes are some of issues parties will face. If both parties agree, we offer mediation services, if appropriate, to resolve marital issues. When settlement is not possible, appropriate relief may be achieved only through litigation. Clients who wish to litigate their positions need an experienced aggressive trial attorney to represent their interest. Our office is dedicated to meet their objectives. The firm offers free consultation on all cases. Legal help is one call away at 202-291-7222.

Separation and Prenuptial and Antenuptial


On occasion, those who are about to marry or who are married wish to resolve by agreement, debt division, custody, child support, division of real and personal property, alimony and pension rights in the event they divorce.  Our office has considerable experience in drafting agreements to protect your interest and is dedicated to drafting fair and reasonable agreements.
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Child Custody, Support, and Visitation

Separated parents with minor children often have disputes over them. If custody, support or visitation rights are at issue we will pursue your matter. The need for financial support is a consequence of having custody. We will obtain child support from the non-custodial parent to assist you in providing for your child's needs. Noncustodial parents are entitled to visitation. Our office pursue visitation rights for the noncustodial parent. BELOW ARE SOME OF THE FREQUENTLY ASKED DOMESTIC RELATIONS QUESTIONS RELATED TO DIVORCE IN THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA What is the difference between an Uncontested Divorce and a Contested Divorce in the District of Columbia? What is the difference between an Absolute Divorce and a Legal Separation ? Do I need a Legal Separation to get Divorced in DC? Can I be divorced in DC if I was married in another state? Do both parties have to be residents of the District of Columbia to file for divorce in DC? Can I live under the same roof with my spouse and still be considered separated? Do I have to say that my spouse is at fault in order to file for divorce in DC? How do I change my name when I get divorced? Can I get a Divorce now and figure everything else out later? When is the divorce final? Separation Agreement: What are my options if I don't want the court to resolve the issues? What is included in a Separation and Property Settlement Agreement? Property Division In DC Divorce: What type of property is distributed in a divorce? What property is considered Marital Property? What property is considered Separate Property? What happens to our debts? How is property divided if my spouse and I cannot agree? Child Custody And Visitation: What types of custody and visitation arrangements can be made for my children? What does Legal Custody mean? What does Physical Custody mean? Child Support: How long does child support last? Who can receive child support? Who needs to pay child support? What if I have joint physical custody? What if someone else, such as grandparents, is taking care of the child? Are we required to have a child support order? How much child support will the court require? When can I file for child support in the District? What if we live in different states? Can the amount of child support I pay or receive be changed later? How does the Court decide whether the amount of my child support should be modified? (Questions from a publication of the D.C. Superior Court) For  answers  to these and other domestic relations questions, contact the Law Office of G. Arden Hill